Rental Management
AllCohomes, LLC will find qualified tenants for your investment properties, both residential and commercial. We personally show each available apartment and conduct credit and background checks to ensure the financial success of our relationship.  We have been successful in reaching zero vacancy goals.  We oversee lease signings, renewals, and tenant work orders.  Our rental services include the following objectives:

•Manage all aspects of rent collection.
•Review and authorize monthly invoices and issue payment per direction of the property owner.
•Monitor delinquencies and provide receivable reports to the owner. Additionally, we facilitate the process for collection of delinquent accounts in alignment with the approved policy.
•Prepare an annual budget for owner review and approval.
•Distribute monthly financial statements that include monthly and year-to-date profit and loss reports, current rent rolls, and over 200 other reports. 
•Aid in Federal, State, and Local tax preparation.

•Assist in delinquent account turnover to legal counsel of the owner's choice (including providing supporting documentation).
•Deliver notices and follow up with tenants who are delinquent. If delinquent tenants do not pay, we will work with the tenant in accordance with the owner's policy.
•Monitor all rental activity, including maintaining copies of all leases on file.
•Notify residents of any rule violations and manage all necessary enforcement measures (including troubleshooting owners' complaints, concerns, and issues).
•Ensure all third-party contractors have appropriate skills and insurance coverage.

•Can provide cleaning and handyman tasks, as well as utilize our relationships with all types of contractors.
•Monitor your property for problems.
•Provide 24 hour emergency response with direct access to a AllCohomes property manager, as well as lockout service.
•If you are an apartment building owner or own an individual investment unit and would like to obtain a quote for our management services, please feel free to contact us.

AllCohomes,LLC uses web-based technology to conveniently collect, organize, share, and distribute information that is relevant to the efficient management, responsible ownership, and daily enjoyment of rental living. Our web-based system allows every owner to communicate instantly with us, view payments, track maintenance orders, access legal documents, and much more, all at the appropriate level of security and privacy.









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